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Nestlé and food safety - McDonald's strike victory - Bush and Enron

You've heard of a fly in your soup, but what about a lump of metal in your pickle? Sue Taylor bit on something hard in her Nestlé Branston Pickle, reports Which? magazine. It was a dark metal cube which bore the number 2.5. When she contacted the environmental health office they informed her it was a piece from a vegetable chopping machine. Nestlé argued it had taken all reasonable steps to ensure food safety and avoided prosecution. It did, however, give Sue £30 in compensation.

McDonald's workers in France have made history after being out on strike for 115 days, the longest ever in the multinational's history. The victory included the reinstatement of five sacked strikers and payment of full wages.
The White House has assured us that Enron chairman Kenneth Lay was no more than a 'supporter' of George Bush. However recently released letters between the two paint a far cosier picture. In the correspondence Bush describes Lay as 'Kenny Boy' and they also swapped birthday greetings and jocular memos about jogger's knee, a complaint which they both suffer from.