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Bush speech blunders - McDonalds sues complaining customers - US military fixes Star Wars tests

President Bush is making so many blunders in his speeches that the White House is editing them out of official transcripts. Bush has recently called on Americans to volunteer for 4,000 years of public service rather than 4,000 hours. He also said Japan had been an ally 'for a century and a half' instead of half a century.

Got a beef with your local McDonald's? If so, getting an apology may be more expensive than you think. When Chilean resident Carmen Calderon complained that her son got food poisoning after eating one of their burgers she was slapped with a $1.25 million lawsuit. McDonald's strategy is now to try and impose huge fines on people who complain about their service in order to deter others.

The US military claim tests for their Star Wars defence programme have been a great success. However, it has been revealed that the tests have been downgraded in complexity and many missiles carry a beacon which guides the interceptor towards the warhead.