Bang Out of Order

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Chris Talbot's review of Cosmology by Peter Coles (April SR) made far too many concessions to the idealist theories that now appear to dominate modern physics.

For example, the so called 'Big Bang' theory of the origin of the universe was invented by a Christian cosmologist (LemaƮtre) who wanted to reconcile cosmology with the biblical story of creation. The evidence for the occurrence of just such a 'Big Bang' is equivocal--at best--despite the hype that surrounds it.

Readers who doubt this should consult 'The Big Bang Never Happened' (by cosmologist Eric Lerner), wherein they will find a detailed account of the ideological roots of this dubious theory, an analysis of its serious weaknesses and an outline of a superior alternative. Also contained in Lerner's book is an analysis of why modern theoretical physics is dominated by idealism, fanciful mathematical models and thought experiments, as well as an explanation of why this encourages a commitment to the belief in a static universe (frozen in a four dimensional manifold). Lerner also shows why there have been no fundamental advances in physics over the last 50 years or so (apart, that is, from the creation of increasingly baroque mathematical models that are as impossible to confirm as they are to comprehend).

It's a pity Chris did not consult Lerner's book before he read Coles' work. At the very least, it might have prevented him from forming a sympathetic opinion of such regressive theories.

Paul Jakubovic