Between the Lines

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Nigerian electricity company begs for calm - Far right Colombian paramilitaries launch complaints website - Nasa advertises on internet for space shuttle spare parts

Nigeria's privatised power company, the National Electric and Power Authority (or NEPA, referred to by Nigerians as Never Enough Power Anywhere), has placed advertisements in newspapers begging for calm in the event of power failures interrupting World Cup games. 'If you go on an orgy of destruction simply because there was a failure during a match, you will not be helping matters,' it pleads.

A far right Colombian paramilitary group responsible for killing nearly 1,000 civilians is so concerned with its image that it has set up an internet complaints hotline. Now, when United Self Defence Forces of Columbia slaughter trade unionists or activists, their family can log on to 'feedback' at and get the grievance off their chest.

The technology used in the Space Shuttle is so out of date that Nasa has been forced to advertise on Yahoo! for spare parts. The shuttle is intended to be in use for another ten years. However that depends on what response they get and how many old Amstrads are still knocking about.