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Kansas creationists - Over 7 million pay too much for mobiles - recommends anal sex to Christians

In the US state of Kansas a 'one size fits all' answer for school children makes scientific controversy a thing of the past. In response to religious right challenges, if a child asks why scientists and ministers disagree on the age of the earth, how the Grand Canyon formed, or whether light was refracted before Noah, the curriculum tells teachers to give the simple reply 'just because'.

There are big savings to be made by mobile phone users if they switch to another network provider. So says the Consumer Association magazine 'Which?' on its website ( It estimates that for the 7-8 million people who have been on monthly contract for 12 months or more, switching to a better deal could save them £80 a year.'s automated recommendation system, which tracks similar purchases, ruffled some more evangelist feathers recently when the book Six Steps to Spiritual Revival trailed another book on anal sex.