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Tories campaign for tax handouts - New Labour Can't Count - Crime Worst in Vatican - Adverts Against Junk Email

Supporters of Nuclear Energy have been lobbying for the lame duck company to be bailed out by the taxpayer. Subsidies to this privatised utility are, apparently, 'in the national interest'. Among the signatories to this campaign are Lord (Cecil) Parkinson and Sir Bernard Ingham, Margaret Thatcher's former press secretary. U-turn if you want to...

New Labour's numeracy strategy obviously has a long way to go. The 'five ways to help Labour win' on their official website gives six suggestions.

Forget Kim Howells' ridiculous attacks on rap, new figures suggest it might be hymns that cause crime. The city with the worst crime rate, at 608 offences for a city with only 455 residents, is the Vatican.

Fed up with spam on your e-mail? Well you're not alone. The makers of the tinned 'meat' are so incensed that their product is used to describe junk e-mails that they are spending tens of thousands on advertising to explain the difference between the two.