Between the Lines

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Political correctness myths - Blunkett takes on children - No insurance in the Tower of London

The 'Sunday Telegraph' and the 'Sun''s campaign against 'political correctness' continues. 'Nobody', fumed Richard Littlejohn in the Sun, 'confronted with a proposal to remove hot cross buns from school dinner menus [for being offensive to non-Christians] has turned round and said: "Don't be so bloody ridiculous".' For good reason--no council has made such a ban.

David 'zero tolerance' Blunkett was in action again recently, valiantly fighting anti-social behaviour by phoning the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police to shop local children for playing 'knock down ginger'.

A Beefeater with a flat within the Tower of London was disappointed to find Direct Line couldn't offer him insurance as he didn't always use his padlock. Given that he lives less than 100 yards away from the Crown Jewels, does Direct Line know something about the two military detachments and the state of the art burglar alarms the Queen doesn't?