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Arms fair - BBC objectivity - US bosses and sugar

The sixth International Defence Exhibition and Conference took place in Dubai as war in Iraq was breaking out. The arms fair brought together some of the world's largest weapons manufacturers, mostly from Britain and the US. Visitors could browse stalls selling everything from guns to warplanes. They could also visit a firing range to try out the new weaponry, maybe watch a live nearby Iraq.

How about this for some BBC objective reporting? BBC News 24 anchorman Huw Edwards commented on some video footage recently: 'Apparently they're shouting, "Saddam, your days are numbered".' He then admitted, 'Unfortunately I cannot verify that because (a) there is no sound, and (b) I do not speak Arabic.'

The Sugar Association and six other food industry groups are lobbying to stop US funding to the World Health Organisation if it publishes a report recommending a low sugar diet. The sweet smell of excess, perhaps?