Media Madness and the Rationale of the Francophobes

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In contrast to 'Socialist Review''s anti-war coverage the media has been showing scenes around Basra of British medics treating wounded Iraqis alongside wounded British soldiers.

The commentator, with solemn reverence, states that the medic does not differentiate between Brit and Iraqi, and all he recognises is the common suffering. The same commentator fails to mention that the screaming Iraqi children who are being cared for are also the victims of British aggression.

How many dead and maimed civilians have British bullets lodged in them? And how many civilians are fleeing Basra because they cannot stand the daily and nightly shelling? And what about those who are now homeless? And how many are fleeing because airstrikes have knocked out electricity and water supplies? And how many civilians now hate the British as much as they are supposed to hate Saddam?

The British army are trying to convey an image of benign lions fighting for a cause that is just. Yet they have made this humanitarian crisis that they are supposedly trying to prevent through their illegal and immoral invasion.

This war is shameful. The blame for British involvement lies squarely with Tony Blair, who has allowed our troops to be used like mercenaries to try and ensure that the Bush gang allows BP and Shell a share of the rich pickings in Iraq. The British arms industry will also do well out of the bloodbath, since BAe Systems sells more to the Pentagon than it does to the Ministry of Defence.

While British troops involve themselves in bloody carnage our Tony will be working behind the scenes trying to broker the best deals for his pals in the oil and defence industries. Money is the root of all evil, and especially this evil blitzkrieg that that is killing and maiming so many innocent lives.

Stuart McCabe