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Coke Sacks Worker - Coke Attempts to Fiddle Market Testing - Paul Boateng Praises PFI in South Africa

'Reward your curiosity', the advert for Coca-Cola's new vanilla flavour encourages us.

It wasn't the company's response to an employee of 12 years service, who it sacked recently for the heinous crime of drinking Pepsi.

Apparently doing its best to build the day of action against Coca-Cola on 22 July, the hard-nosed soft drinks manufacturer has also been caught fixing a market-testing exercise.

Coke president Steven Heyer had to apologise after his company was revealed during an employee compensation claim to have paid an agent $10,000 to send hundreds of children to Burger King branches in Virginia to boost a 'Frozen Coke' promotion. Cool.

'Today Brent South: tomorrow Soweto,' formerly left wing cabinet minister Paul Boateng promised when he was elected in 1987. Sixteen years on, he almost made it, visiting the South African city Johannesburg to sing the praises of hospital PFIs. Who says politicians don't keep their word?