Between the Lines

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Badge "endangers" aircraft - Cabinet Office IT company run by former Tory minister - New Labour schools minister can't do sums

Another battle won in the 'war against terrorism'. John Gilmore, attempting to fly from San Francisco to London on a British Airways flight, was told he would endanger the plane and commit a federal crime if he didn't take off a one-inch badge saying 'suspected terrorist'. When he refused, he was ejected.

If you think your Labour MP sounds like a Tory, there could be an explanation. A former Tory minister, Lord Crickhowell, runs their spin machine. Ministers, civil servants and press officers are sent their 'up to date key messages' by the Cabinet Office's Knowledge Network, which is run by ITnet, chaired by Crickhowell.

School students' maths results may be improving, but the government still has a lot to learn. Schools minister David Miliband issued a press release recently boasting about a 14 percent rise in the number of 11 year olds reaching the 'expected level' in maths SATs since 1998. In fact the increase - of 14 points, from 59 to 73 percent - is a rise of just under 24 percent.