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Mubin Haq's review of Max Shachtman's Race and Revolution (June SR), recently released by Verso, is well informed and perceptive.

Inexplicably, however, it fails to mention that the book is edited and introduced by Christopher Phelps. This omission needs to be corrected.

Phelps's extensive introduction is a major contribution in its own right to clarifying the theoretical issues of class, race and nation embedded in the 1933 Shachtman document. It explains the genesis of Shachtman's text, in relationship to the political controversies on the Negro Question within the early Left Opposition and between the Trotskyists and Stalinists. It provides a careful comparision of Shachtman's theoretical ideas and strategic prescriptions with those of his close collaborators CLR James and Leon Trotsky, as well as WEB Du Bois and other major left thinkers. It offers a balance sheet on Shachtman's historical and sociological analyses, in light of recent Marxist and radical scholarship. I recommend it highly.

Robert Brenner
Los Angeles