Revolting Plebs

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I enjoyed Sarah Ensor's review of the books about the Roman Empire (October SR) as it is said that those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.

In 146 BC the legions of Rome destroyed the city of Carthage, because the Carthaginians were stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, in the form of an 'innumerable number of war elephants'. However, after the victory not a trace of these terrible creatures could be found.

Some of the tribunes of the plebs claimed the people had been tricked into the war, in order to 'satisfy the greed of the patrician class'. The Senate had another explanation for the missing elephants - they said the Carthaginians had eaten them all in order to promote dissension among the plebeians.

As Tony Blair's house of lies collapses on him, I wonder if he will claim that Saddam ate all of his weapons of mass destruction.

Phil Knight