Where are We Going?

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It is often said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Why then does John Molyneux (February SR) simply dismiss the experience of the Socialist Alliance (SA) in two sentences?

True, the SA is not linked in peopleā€˜s minds with the opposition to war, but was this an inevitable result of its nature, or was it a result of tactical mistakes made during the anti-war campaign?

The key question on which the SA foundered is still posed with Respect. What is it for and where is it going? Is it an electoral coalition of those who are looking for a political alternative to Blairism and nothing more? Is it a step towards a new mass party of the left? Or an attempt to reconcile widely different views on the way forward for the left? Unless these questions are answered I fear that Respect will rapidly become as irrelevant as the Socialist Alliance now seems to be.

Nick Savage