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Holiday Hijinks - Taxes Subsidise Weapons Makers - Businessman Finds New Flock

A Brazilian advertising agency has not let good taste get in the way of publicising the Iguazu waterfalls. It seems the head of Al Qaida used to holiday there: 'When he's not blowing up the world, Osama Bin Laden enjoys his days at Iguaza Falls,' boasts the ad. Clearly this is a disgrace - Tony Blair, who posed at the falls in 2001, is much better suited to the role.

Taxpayers' subsidies of £200 million a year to arms manufacturers come at the expense of 30,000 jobs, reports one of John Prescott's former advisers. Paul Ingram told a select committee last month that the money would create far more jobs if spent on hospitals and schools. The Treasury's response? A likely £2 billion more in arms subsidies.

God help the Guiding Light Church in Alabama, which has employed Richard Scrushy to teach classes in starting a business. The former chief executive of HealthSouth is charged with inflating profits by $2.7 billion. According to the local bishop, 'He's the most competent and qualified one to teach this class.'