Revealing the Best Kept Secret

Issue section: 

We cannot blame the 'US government' for our woes (Letter from the US, April SR), but ourselves for allowing our own constitution to manipulate and control not just us but others in its path towards imperial rule.

True democracy does not impede growth or dominate others. It was established to be a beacon for those who wish to call on its existence and only that. We do not have the right to impose democracy on nations or peoples who do not truly ask for it.

The US is a terrorist country imposing pseudo-democratic policies through crafty methods-controlling without regard to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Regime change within the US should be seriously considered.

The US has in its possession weapons of mass destruction, so why does the UN not impose restrictions against it?

I am a physicist and a patriot who, through years of being silent, had almost forgotten my obligations. It is high time I and others like me used our intellect and technology to stand up against an oppressor and rid ourselves of this infection. We are a legion that wants to live a life of peace and respect for all living things and have considerations for those who are different and look for ways to truly accommodate those who are slow in understanding.

We do not need your help, just your patience and understanding of what we are about. We are America's best kept secret that just got out of the 'keep'.

Judah Ben-Hur
Los Angeles