Between the Lines

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Spaceship repairs - Tesco workout - Anti-capitalist cheerleaders

Space shuttle engineers have developed an inventive way to stop disasters like that which destroyed Columbia. They have created an in-orbit repair kit. Of the 15 improvements demanded by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, Nasa has dealt with just three. 'We think we have our arms around all the problems that we need to address,' said Nasa's Wayne Hall.

Need a bit of a work-out? Then go no further than your local Tesco, which has designed a trolley to be difficult to push. It will also measure a shopper's heart rate and how many calories they are burning as they shop. Who knows what other innovations they have up their sleeve? Maybe placing checkouts at the top of a steep hill.

'Riot - don't diet. Get up, get out and try it' is the latest slogan from the New York City Radical Cheerleaders, a group of anti-capitalist and anti-war women who have taken to the streets, US-style, against George Bush. Their next target is the Republican convention.