Between the Lines

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Obituary writers and Reagan - washing instructions apologise for Bush - campaigning for the bosses

Pandemonium struck Las Vegas in June when news of Ronald Reagan's death reached the annual international obituary writers' conference. After two delegates burst into the hall shouting, 'Stop the presses!' a stampede began for the single payphone in the hotel lobby. Adam Bernstein of the Washington Post was the winner, pushing away a Daily Telegraph reporter in the process. Whatever happened to the special relationship?

A US firm making laptop bags clearly has staff with a calling for international relations. The English version of their label reads, 'Wash with warm water, use mild soap, dry flat, do not use bleach, do not dry in the dryer, do not iron.'

The French version continues (in translation), 'We are sorry that our president is an idiot. We didn't vote for him.'

The Economist magazine has begun a brave campaign in defence of the downtrodden. In an editorial titled 'Justice for Bosses' the ruling class rag asks, 'Do America's crooked executives really need to be jailed for so long?' Answers on a postcard, please.