A Day to Remember and Inspire

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I recently floated with comrades in my SWP district the idea of reviving the annual commemoration of the Paris Commune.

In the early years of the socialist movement the Commune commemoration, usually held in March, was the big event in their calendar, an occasion not just for remembering a key moment in our history, but also for discussing in an open and non-sectarian way the prospects for the movement from an international perspective.

Those of us who discussed the idea felt that an annual rally along these lines, with invited international speakers, would be particularly valuable today, in view of the success of the European Social Forum and the growing momentum of the anti-capitalist movement. Our sense of the challenges that lie ahead can only be enriched by drawing on the lessons of the Commune and the experience of the Paris workers that helped to define - and can now help us redefine - the meaning of 'communism'. Is there any wider support for this proposal, perhaps run under the auspices of the Socialist Review?

Ken Montague