'Socialist Worker' Appeal: Keep on Moving

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Socialist Worker is on the move. It has been redesigned with a new look and feel aimed at opening the paper to the movement.

When a mainstream newspaper relaunches itself, its primary concern is advertising. With Socialist Worker things are very different.

Socialist Worker has hit the road with a series of open meetings. Readers have packed in to listen to an explanation of the editorial changes and watch an audio-visual presentation of how and why the design has changed over the years. Comments and suggestions from these meetings are already being put into practice.

One project already under way is to produce special four-page supplements with in-depth coverage on particular issues like pensions or young people and crime.

We are also planning a major improvement to the Socialist Worker website so that it can be a real resource for the movement.

On the design front, people have commented on how much they like the use of pictures in Socialist Worker, but a single image can cost between £100 and £300. We would like to update the equipment for the Socialist Worker picture library.

We are also moving to new offices and will need to invest in new equipment so that the paper can continue to improve.

All this costs money. Socialist Worker has launched an appeal to raise £150,000 towards our costs. We hope that our readers will help us make the paper the voice of the movement.

Candy Udwin
Socialist Worker moving fund organiser

You can donate:

Online: www.socialistworker.co.uk

By phone: 020 7538 2707

By post: Cheques to SW Moving Fund, PO Box 82, London E3 3LH