Stop the Searches

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Thank you for Matt Foot's article, 'Leave Our Kids Alone' (October SR). I am trying to find some information on the costs to local councils of anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos).

I am having a long running battle with our local council on behalf of my son - well, all youngsters in our area, actually! My main gripe is exactly the same as the content of your article. Why are local governments wasting so much 'being seen' to be dealing with the problem, when if they invested the money in services for these youngsters they wouldn't be prowling the streets feeling hated and angry and dying of boredom?

I end up filling my house with teenage boys purely so they are not hanging around. When they do hang around my son can get stopped and searched anything up to five or six times in a day and, what a surprise, the officers have always run out of pink slips to give them, hence no record of such stops. I, along with other parents, am very angry. Any more news or information would be gratefully received!

Alison Krohn