More Rumour Than Truth

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I would like to make a comment on two aspects of the letter by John Newsinger on Howard Hughes ('Fanciful Flight of the Aviator', March SR).

There is absolutely no credible evidence that Hughes was bisexual or was having a relationship with Cary Grant. After Hughes died they went through his life and looked at every aspect and the FBI file on Hughes runs to thousands of pages. There is not even a hint of bisexuality in the FBI files or the psychological reports. Towards the end of his life Noah Dietrich, Hughes's business associate, was interviewed and he said the rumours were not true.

You are correct that the treatment of the Hepburn family is painful. Dr Hepburn had been born into poverty and put himself through medical school. Kit Hepburn had rich relatives but she was an orphan when she met her future husband and was not wealthy. They both worked hard and Hughes was certainly richer than the Hepburn family.

Karen Smith