Step Up the Campaigning

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Thanks for Tim Webb's excellent article on Britain's nuclear proliferation (June SR).

In a recent response to my Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) query, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) crow about their compliance with non-proliferation treaties (I forwarded this to CND, who may think differently!) but new missiles would rubbish their fine words.

Tim Webb advocates the widening of the campaign beyond the anti-nuclear movement, so why not include the green lobby? Nuclear weapons and power can be easily linked - reference the FCO position on Iran -and there's a massive environmental cost in the research and development, manufacture and testing, let alone usage (ie wars) of nuclear and other arms.

Also the oft-repeated cry of 'job losses' can be addressed. There's a survival need for huge expansion of wind, tide and solar renewable energy, non-emissions transport and energy conservation industries. Proposals such as the Lucas Aerospace Corporate Plan referenced in Tim Webb's excellent The Armour Plated Ostrich could be formulated, with as much union involvement as possible - and I'm sure Friends of the Earth and the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, among others, would be interested.

Oliver Swingler