Between the Lines

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Bush unpopular in Brazil - Insecure executives - Combative unions - Defending the Republicans

Brazilian culture minister Gilberto Gil insists he is not calling for the death of the US president. The minister-cum-singer recently appeared on stage, unaware that on the screen behind him was an image of George Bush with a noose around his neck. It was accompanied by the caption 'Morra, Bush, Morra' (Die, Bush, Die)!

'Rarely have executives faced so many uncertainties in their professional and personal lives,' bemoans Business Week. Its solutions involve building a home theatre, a private gym and spending $20,000 per week to hire a villa in Morocco. If that sounds extravagant, you could always hire Fisherman Island - a snip at $19,200 per week. And staff is included.

The Financial Times is recording how often trade unions issue combative statements. In the last year it notes 145 references to a 'kick in the teeth' and 196 to a 'slap in the face' in the news - more than double the rate during New Labour's first year in office.

Anti-terrorism agents have been deployed on the streets of New York for the Republican party convention... disguised as homeless people. Or so claims the Department of Defence. The New York police, which pioneered 'zero tolerance' of rough sleepers, denies it.