Let's Deal with the Facts

Issue section: 

Nowhere in the COMRE report that Andy Stone referenced in his article on nuclear power (July/August SR), or his Marxism 2005 talk on nuclear power, does it mention a causal relationship between Sellafield and the incidence of NHL and leukaemia.

The report cannot rule out a combination of other factors that might contribute towards the slightly increased incidence of NHL and leukaemia, so to state so conclusively is incorrect.

On the other point of Chernobyl and the recent Sellafield leak, we now know that management procedures were broken, and this led to the fatal meltdown. However, we now have 70 years knowledge of research into the management and operation of nuclear power. There are 440 power plants around the world, and approximately 75 percent of French energy needs come from nuclear power.

There has to be a proper debate about nuclear power, which avoids opinion, attitudes and scaremongering, and deals with the facts.

Do we rule out nuclear power in whatever society? In a post-capitalist society there would be no pressure from managers. Scientists and operators would be carrying out their work with diligence and care.

Simon Dowdeswell