Net Activism

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I thought Liv Lewitschnik's review of Guardians of Power was too positive (SR, February).

MediaLens does do some valuable work exposing lies and disinformation, and forcing journalists to answer for their sins. But for MediaLens struggle seems to stop at sending e-mails.

Authors Cromwell and Edwards also slip into blaming all media workers for media bias. There is no mention of the trade unions in the book and the unions' role in fighting the corporate media from the inside.

Liv Lewitschnik's review goes along with this approach: "It is the overall system that needs to be changed if we want an end to media workers' contribution to selling wars and corporate cover-ups to us."

As a media worker myself, I resent the accusation that I am responsible for wars and cover-ups. So the MediaLens analysis doesn't get us very far.

Dave Crouch
North London