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Ghaddar the Ghoul and other Palestinian Stories

by Sonya Nimr, Francis Lincoln £4.99

A new collection of Palestinian folk tales, where young readers from around nine upwards can find out what makes a man-eating ghoul turn vegetarian.

Broken China

by Laurie Aurelia Williams, Simon Pulse ;£4.99

The saying "if they didn't have bad luck then they'd have no luck" could have been written for 14 year old young mum China Cup Cameron in this moving and hard hitting novel for older teens.

The Corporate Takeover of Ireland

by Kieran Allen, Irish Academic Press £18

Allen argues that Ireland's "Celtic tiger" economy is spectacular proof that even when the market is successful it does not benefit the majority.

A Savage War of Peace

by Alistair Horne, NYRB £11.99

This definitive account of Algeria's war of independence, in which an incredible one in eight of the population died, has just been reprinted with a new introduction by the author.