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Good books at affordable prices.

Sexism and the System

by Judith Orr (Bookmarks £3)

From Engels to raunch culture, in this latest in the series - A Rebel's Guide to Women's Liberation.

The Cinema of Globalization

by Tom Zaniello (Cornell University Press £10)

From Auf Wiedersehen, Pet to Zoolander, Zaniello's comprehensive directory of films and their place in the framework of globalisation is a valuable resource for enthusiasts and media students alike.


by George Monbiot (Penguin £8.99)

George Monbiot argues we still have time to stop the planet burning, just.

What's So Special about Shakespeare?

by Michael Rosen (Walker Books £4.99)

Rosen's new book is a colourful and easily accessible introduction to Shakespeare which takes a look at his work, his life and the society in which he lived.