Provoking debates in the office

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Last month's Socialist Review caused some good debates at the mail sorting office where I work.

I photocopied Billy Hayes's column and stuck it up on the union notice board and on my workstation to show people he was in the magazine and to get people talking.

The debates fit in with the rising mood of politicisation within the trade union movement. This meant we can debate issues such as immigration, war and sexuality. But it also makes it easier for me to talk about socialism.

The recent articles on Gordon Brown and the unions (Features, Socialist Review, May and June 2007) argued that what's happening with the pay freeze is more than just a sectional issue.

This is definitely true where I work. Posties are now saying our dispute is not just a fight with Royal Mail or Allan Leighton but with the government. The question is who will blink first. One workmate said "it's Gordon Brown we're after". Six months ago this same guy wouldn't even discuss politics.

Simon Furze