Tell it Like it is

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Editor: Brian Richardson, Bookmarks, £6.99

This new edition of Tell It Like It Is contains additional inspiring contributions on the still very relevant subject of racism and education, at a time when everyone can see the impact of racism on black children in society-such as in coverage of gun crime, where the authorities blame the young victims and their families.

Tell It Like It Is seeks to uncover and expose the truths about the education system that perpetually fails our young black children.

As well as debating what should be done, this book challenges us all to unite together in activity to demand real change in education to provide hope for our children now and for the future.

The launch of the first edition, with local meetings across London from Brixton to Newham (where I live), showed the potential for the book to be part of a real campaign to make that difference.

Seeing hundreds of parents, young people, community members, teachers and activists coming together at meetings to debate, discuss but most importantly recognise the real reasons behind this failure - the system and not the kids - was brilliant.

Here's hoping this book will lead to further advancement of this campaign up and down the country.

Let this book be the spark that ignites in us all a desire to tell it like it is, not how they say it is.