Don't give up the fight

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I couldn't agree more with Lindsey German that progress to liberate women needs to continue (Feature, Socialist Review, July/August 2007).

To say that feminists have gone too far is a joke. This is evident in magazines like Heat, or the free London newspapers, which sadistically relish chastising flawed "celebrity" mothers while remaining stonily silent on absent fathers.

Perhaps my generation - I'm 21 - have been lulled into a passive state. After all, we have been brought up on a diet of MTV shows such as Beauty and the Geek, and endless adverts on television showing women having orgasms over cleaning products.

A prime example is a KFC commercial for "Mum's night off bucket". On the one night a week the mother does not cook she is "saved" by a fried chicken deal before going back to the drudgery of housework while her husband and kids watch TV. The message to children who grow up with these adverts is that it is the mother who makes dinner, with KFC claiming the prize as a glorious liberator of women.

Companies rely heavily on restrictive clich├ęs to sell their products and have made repressive gender models popular among the younger generation. I know far too many women my age who would be ashamed to call themselves feminists.

Rebecca Johnson