World against war

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Kamil Mahdi's article (Frontlines, Socialist Review July/August 2007) gave a valuable glimpse of the struggle against Iraqi oil law.

Without the struggle of the outlawed oil workers' union in Basra few outside Iraq would be aware that discussion of "drawdown" of forces in Iraq depends on the passing of the oil law through parliament.

This is just one example of US use of military power to compensate for its waning economic hegemony. Iran, Pakistan, Syria and Cuba - all have been threatened in recent times. Bush's recent description of himself as a wartime president raised an interesting question, which war?

The truth is, under Bush's presidency, war and threat of war have become acceptable in all diplomatic dealings. It is in this global context that the Stop the War Coalition has called the World Against War conference. Delegates from Venezuela, Cuba, Lebanon, Pakistan, Europe and the US will join with British, Iraqi and Afghan peace activists in London on 1 December to discuss our resistance to imperialism in all its guises.

There has never been a more important time to share ideas and forge the international alliances necessary to confront imperialism and build a better world.

Stewart Halforty