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Harvey on Paris - Graphic Iraq - Roddy Doyle in Finland - Jabberwocky meets basketball

Paris, City of Modernity
by David Harvey
(Routledge £17.99)

The Marxist geographer's brilliant illustrated study of the economic changes and social struggles that transformed Paris in the 19th century.

Shooting War
by Anthony Lappe
(Weidenfeld and Nicolson £18)

In this graphic novel a macho journalist goes to report Iraq and finds he's not so tough after all.

by Roddy Doyle
(Scholastic £12.99)

Tom and Johnny are on a husky safari in Finland. When their mother's sled doesn't get back to the lodge they decide it's up to them to go into the frozen night to find her.

by Lewis Carroll
(Jump at the Sun £9.99)

The classic nonsense poem is reimagined by illustrator Christopher Myers as an on pitch basketball face off. The giant with massive six fingered hands towers over the other children in the playground as he is challenged to a one-to-one.