Five things to get or see this month

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Anti-war art in Aberdare - Pilger documentary - anti-war Iraqi school students - Joy Division - war photos

Whatever They Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Exhibition at the Cynon Valley Museum & Gallery, Aberdare, Wales. Until 15 March 2008

David Garner's series of sculptural installations explores war and racism, Western assumptions and attitudes towards Islam, and the demonisation of Muslims. Poppycock uses a real soldier's helmet and dried Middle Eastern poppies.

According to the curator, John Molyneux, David Garner is "one of the most important and challenging artists working in Britain today. His works take on subjects - like asylum seeking and Islamophobia - which others shy away from, and tackles them with an intensity and artistic power that is uniquely his own. This is art that matters."

The War on Democracy

John Pilger's latest documentary takes the lies emanating from the White House, turns them round and spits them right back in the face of the neocons.

This film, originally made for cinemas, focuses on the US role in overthrowing democratic governments in South America.

Day X

A short film by anti-war activist Katya Nasim which charts the story of the school student strike when Iraq was invaded in 2003. The students defied the government and school authorities to shut down their schools as the "conscience of the nation". Available via Bookmarks (020 7637 1848) and on the Stop the War Coalition website.


One of the best films of 2007 is now out on DVD. Control portrays the tragic life of Joy division front man Ian Curtis. Shot in grainy black and white it captures a society and a man in turmoil.

Contact: George Rodger's War Photographs
Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North, Manchester
Until 27 April

Photographer and co-founder of the Magnum agency, George Rodger, documented the wars that ravaged the 20th century. From wartime London to Palestine's occupied territories, the full horrors of war were captured by Rodger's camera. The exhibition also features interviews with those who participated in the conflicts.