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United Fruit Company - Degrees of climate change - Miéville for children - Migrant fruit picker fiction

Jungle Capitalists
by Peter Chapman
(Canongate £8.99)

A shocking and engagingly told history of the United Fruit Company's activities in Central America. Chapman provides a sobering reminder of the lengths corporations will go to in the pursuit of profit.

Six Degrees
by Mark Lynas
(HarperPerennial £8.99)

Lynas shows the effect of increasing temperatures, from two degrees through to six degrees, on the planet - a chilling read.

Un Lun Dun
by China Miéville
(Pan books £6.99)

The fantasy writer's first book aimed at a young audience, illustrated with his own drawings. Two girls find themselves in a city underneath London where all the rubbish ends up.

Two Caravans
by Marina Lewycka
(Penguin £7.99)

The author of the best selling A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian tells the story of migrant workers who have come to England to scratch a living picking fruit.