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Real rationality - Third world history - Animals with instructive illnesses - Seeking asylum in Sheffield

The Threat to Reason
by Dan Hind

(Verso £7.99)

A powerful counterblast to the vulgar reductionism and mock radicalism of the tomes that currently clutter bookshops from the likes of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

The Darker Nations
by Vijay Prashad

(The New Press £11.99)

With the now ubiquitous subtitle, "A People's History", Prashad offers a comprehensive look at the history and political trajectory of the Third World.

Charlie has Asthma
by Jenny Leigh

(Red Kite £5.99)

Charlie the cheetah gets out of breath and uses an inhaler so he can still run around and play. Part of a colourful series for four to seven year olds where jungle animals suffer from everything from dyslexia to nits.

by Berlie Doherty

(Andersen Press £5.99)

Abela has been orphaned by Aids. When she travels from Tanzania to seek asylum in Sheffield her life will cross with Rosa, a young girl who is learning to ice skate.