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South African music - Hong Kong film - God on trial in Auschwitz - anti-war film - John Berger live

Metrodome Video, £5.99

Amandla, the Xhosa word for "power", is a collection of music celebrating the South African victory over apartheid.

It charts the lives of those living under the brutally racist system, forced to move to the townships and industrial centres to work as servants or miners for their white rulers.

It is a celebration of resistance, and the then-imagined future of blacks in South Africa.

Ashes of Time Redux
Director: Wong Kar Wai; Release date: 12 September

Wong Kar Wai, the director of celebrated films such as the lavish In the Mood for Love and 2046 has decided to revisit a film he made in 1994. "Over the years, I've come to realise that there are several different versions of Ashes of Time in circulation, some approved by me, some not. To rectify this situation, we decided to revisit this project and to create the definitive version."

Ashes of Time is a reflection on love and loss - martial arts style.

God on Trial
BBC Two, early September

The story of a group of prisoners in the Auschwitz concentration camp who decided to put God on trial - and found him guilty.

Producer, Mark Redhead, says: "God On Trial attempts to look at some of the most perplexing metaphysical issues, but it is also a drama about what keeps the human spirit alive even when faced with the worst suffering and impending death."

Soldier Blue
Optimum Home Entertainment, £12.99

An allegory of the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam, Soldier Blue charts the mass murder of Native Americans at the hands of white settlers. One of the finest and most shocking anti-war films of the 20th century, this new release features additional footage previously cut by British censors.

John Berger on Resistance
ICA, London, Tuesday 23 September, 6.45pm

Writer, critic and artist John Berger's latest book, From A to X (which will be reviewed in October's Socialist Review), has been nominated for the Booker prize. Here is a chance to hear him talk about the connection between writing and political resistance.