Farc's struggle

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I enjoyed and agree with the analysis of Mike Gonzalez in his piece on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) (Frontlines, Socialist Review, July/August 2008).

With regard to Hugo Chavez and his recent statement criticising the Farc and their struggle, I too find it strange and worrying.

Chavez's recent meeting with Uribe in which he pronounced, "We are brothers," reveals a shift to the right taken under the pressure of his own bourgeoisie.

There has not been a revolution in Venezuela. It remains a system which rests on capitalist foundations, and, as history reveals, reforms must either go forward to socialist transformation or go back.

As for the Farc, I have been disappointed at the level of calumny directed at them over the issue of the hostages (though they would describe them as prisoners) by some sections of the left, including Chavez.

The Farc's struggle arose out of necessity in a society ruled by a proto-fascist oligarchy sponsored by Washington.

That the Farc at this point are a wounded organisation, that their struggle would seem to have lost its way, is no reason to line up to stick the boot in.

In the interests of the global struggle against US imperialism and its allies, the military defeat of the Farc, or their entry into a peace process from a position of weakness, would constitute a significant reverse.

John Wight