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Slavery - Mars and Venus - Stencil art - Kahlo to colour in

The Slave Ship
by Marcus Rediker

(John Murray £9.99)

US historian Rediker's brilliant study places the slave trade as a key part of the development of capitalism and reveals the evidence of resistance even under the most oppressive conditions.

The Myth of Mars and Venus
by Deborah Cameron

(OUP £7.99)

A brilliant attack on popular prejudice masquerading as science about gender and language.

Stencil Nation
by Russell Howze

(Manic D Press £13.99)

Subtitled Graffiti, Community and Art, this beautiful collection of art from city streets around the world includes a chronology which points to the first stencilling on cave walls in 30,000 BC.

Frida Kahlo Colouring Book
by Doris Kutschbach

(Prestel £4.99)

Part of a series using artists who challenged established ideas - young readers can colour in some of Kahlo's work and read the story of her life which accompanies them. (5+)