Police: Task force farce

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"I don't know what I'm going to tell the landlord. The door is off its hinges and there is a big hole in it," said Oldham resident Aaron West following a police raid on his home for someone else.

Aaron, his partner Leeane and their two year old son, who have lived in the property for just 11 weeks, received an extra surprise in the kitchen: "My fridge magnets had been rearranged to spell out 'OLDHAM TASK FORCE CALLED'."

We already know that modern policing has little time for paperwork, but Sergeant Mike Peake wanted to set the record straight: "Mr West visited the police station and I explained, in detail, the reasons for our entry into his home and advised him that the procedure to obtain compensation for his door was to write to the chief constable.

"He seemed happy with this and I am now surprised by this reaction."