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Benn Diary - Great Partition - British Empire - Rosen on Grief

More Time for Politics
by Tony Benn

(Arrow £8.99)

The most recent volume of Tony Benn's diaries documents the years after retiring from parliamentary politics when Benn finds himself busier than ever going on the road to build the anti-war movement.

The Great Partition
by Yasmin Khan

(Yale £9.99)

One of the best books going on the partition of the British Indian Empire and essential reading as the conflicts which produced partition were never "solved", and remain with us today.

The Decline and Fall of the British Empire
by Piers Brendon

(Vintage £9.99)

Brendon provides a relentless catalogue of racist brutality, exploitation, aggression and massacre. Anyone needing evidence to counter the apologists of empire will find the book of enormous value.

Michael Rosen's Sad Book
by Michael Rosen

(Walker £7.99)

Now in a beautiful small edition this immensely moving account of living through grief will touch all ages.