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George Orwell - Iraq - Double cross - Roddy Doyle

Orwell in Tribune
Ed: Paul Anderson

(Methuen £14.99)

George Orwell was literary editor and weekly columnist for Tribune for much of the 1940s. This volume gathers together his pieces for Tribune from 1943 to 1947.

Beyond the Green Zone
by Dahr Jamail

(Haymarket £6.99)

An account from one of the few independent journalists reporting from Iraq about the truth behind the US government's claims about the impact of the "surge".

Double Cross
by Malorie Blackman

(Doubleday £12.99)

The fifth of the brilliant Noughts and Crosses series for young readers where the people with black skin (Crosses) are dominant over white people (Noughts).

Her Mother's Face
by Roddy Doyle

(Scholastic £10.99)

Siobhan's mother died when she was three. Now Siobhan is ten and her dad never talks about her mum. She can remember her mother's hands baking, and her voice, but not her face. A poignant and beautifully told story of dealing with grief - for five years plus.