Deer Hunting with Jesus

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Joe Bageant, Portobello, £8.99

Joe Bageant is angry. Coming back to Winchester, Virginia, and his working class roots after 30 years he tells how the working class has been written out of the US narrative.

What he describes is a class which has been ill educated, badly fed, is unable to buy healthcare, is screwed and atomised. People work long hours for pittance wages - when they can get a job - and the bosses are constantly threatening workers they will lose their jobs to Mexico or China. What seems to rag him out even more is that the majority of the people he grew up with accept their lot, sucking up the "Christian radio babble" and Republican ideology without question. He can't help but see how different people's lives are to when he was young, and there were trade unions.

"I can get a ham sandwich a home loan if the sandwich has a job," a mortgage broker had told Bageant in 2005, going on to explain what was happening on the mortgage front.

If the poor whites he speaks of "were two pay days away from homelessness" when he wrote the book, how much worse must their situation be now?
But all is not doom and gloom, as even Virginia helped kick out Bush and Co.

Readers of Socialist Review may not like this book...they will love it.