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The fight by the Mail on Sunday (MoS) against extremism continues.

A website article by Peter Hitchens, "Did the Police Run Away?", analyses an internet video showing a breakaway section of a Gaza demonstration in London. It shows the police walking away from the marchers as they shout at the poor plods.

Hitchens uses this as an opportunity to slam how the police let "Islamists" get away with everything - particularly one protestor who chants "Allahu Akbar" ("God is great"). "I'd also have been tempted to seize the 'Allahu Akbar!' character quite early on and arrange an interview between him and the magistrates during which he could explain his theology in more detail," says Hitchens.

"I have no idea who made the film or how it became public," admits Hitchens. Perhaps we could enlighten him. Clicking on the video on the MoS website reveals its source: not an "Islamist", but the BNP video stream on YouTube.

Thanks to Hitchens, the video (garnished with disgusting Nazi comments about Muslims and links to other BNP films) has been viewed over 100,000 times.

With thanks to Paul from Fourman Films