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Segregation - Failed Gods - White Tiger - Secret Diary

Sleepwalking to Segregation?
Nissa Finney and Ludi Simpson

(Policy Press £14.99)

Finney and Simpson have carried out new research for this timely challenge to myths about racism and immigration in Britain.

The Gods That Failed
Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson

(Vintage £7.99)

Subtitled "How the financial elite have gambled away our futures", this new edition includes new material as the crisis they describe continues to freefall.

The White Tiger
Aravind Adiga

(Atlantic £7.99)

Adiga described this, his first novel, as "a portrait of a society that is on the brink of unrest". It deservedly won the Man Booker prize last year.

My Secret Diary
Jacqueline Wilson

(Doubleday £12.99)

Extracts from Wilson's teenage diary contrast with today's teenagers' lives: "In 1960, you'd spend hours listening to records in your local store. Now, you'd spend hours listening to music online."