Victory at Visteon

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When we finally won the redundancy money we fought for we called off our 24-hour picket. Our last day was good, but sad at the same time. There'll be no more going to work.

We have been so busy doing picket duty and meetings. Now that it's over we have been going to meetings to thank everybody who supported us.

We will start getting up in the morning to nothing - what will we do with our time? We know there are few jobs about and plenty of people all going for them so what chance do I have out in the market place? Not a lot.

I went to a meeting in Basildon regarding pensions. We wanted to see how much support there would be for this part of the fight - it's not yet ended. Union solicitors are looking into the paperwork. There were a lot of ex-workers and retired people there who could lose 40 percent of their pensions, which could start as early as this month.

But of course Visteon boss Mr Gawne and the big bosses' pensions are safe. The big boys look after themselves, just like the government. Maybe we need a new government, but who the hell have we got? They are all the same.

My fight is still on. I am still looking for my pension.

Linda Bartle