Ghada Karmi - Zionism exposed

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I agree with Ghada Karmi that there is no other solution than a one-state solution in Palestine (Feature, Socialist Review, September 2009).

No "peace" brokered by the US can bring justice to the Palestinians. However, there has been a shift in public opinion since the Gaza massacre. Israel is finding it harder than ever to spread its lies about Palestine. With the help of millions on the streets, Zionism has been exposed as a colonial ideology.

The resistance worldwide is growing. Ten years ago it would have been inconceivable that the TUC would pass a motion supporting the boycott of goods from illegal settlements, or that the International Atomic Energy Agency would vote for Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty. These changes are a result of the campaigning work of activists.

But settlements are still being built, Gaza is still under siege and the proposed peace deal will mean a legitimisation of the occupation and no hope of return for refugees. We need to mobilise people, call for a complete boycott of Israel and Israeli academics and stand for no less than a one-state solution.

Sara El Sheekh