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Edward Carpenter - Tariq Ali - Caledonia - Hamzat's journey

Edward Carpenter
Sheila Rowbotham

(Verso £12.99)

Throughout his life Edward Carpenter influenced almost everyone on the radical left and beyond. This detailed and well researched book is a good addition to our knowledge of him and the period.

The Duel
Tariq Ali

(Pocket Books £8.99)

The Duel explains the consequences of Pakistan's frontline status in the "war on terror". Tariq Ali also examines the fundamental class divide in Pakistan and the inequalities that neither military rule nor civilian governments have ever addressed.

Homage to Caledonia
Daniel Gray

(Luath £9.99)

This tells the inspiring stories of those who went from Scotland to join the International Brigades in Spain to fight fascism, and of those who stayed at home building solidarity with Spanish Republicans.

Hamzat's Journey
Anthony Robinson

(Frances Lincoln £11.99)

This children's story is part of a series looking at the real lives of refugee children, in this case Hamzat. The soft focus drawings imply a feel-good superficial story, but Hamzat's story is harrowing and powerful.