Resilience of the Palestinians

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I have read Ghada Karmi's piece with great interest. She gives an excellent insight on the current political developments within Palestine.

Although Karmi's views and observations are correct, one cannot ignore the pessimism that takes over her conclusion.

It is definitely true that the liberation of Palestine under the banner of a one-state solution cannot and would not be done solely through the struggle of the Palestinian people alone. And as we have seen during Israel's onslaught on Gaza, hundreds of thousands of people all around the globe rallied in defence of Gaza and in support of resistance which on the one hand had an immense impact in halting the Israeli offensive, and on the other underlined the international aspect of the cause.

But we have to always keep in mind that the political success that the global anti-war movement has achieved could have never been done without the resilience of the Palestinian people.

People marched on the streets of Cairo, Beirut, London and Paris, because they saw their brothers and sisters fighting against the most vicious weapons of imperialism and capitalism. It is solidarity that brought the Israeli aggression to a halt, and it is solidarity from within and without that will bring liberation to Palestine.

Bassem Chit
Beirut, Lebanon