Tariq Ali - change of mood

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I would like to disagree with Tariq Ali's assertion (Interview, Socialist Review, September 2009) that the "mood in Europe is very right wing" and draw attention to a recent development in Germany.

You could barely shove a cigarette paper between Germany's mainstream political parties. This was particularly highlighted in their responses to an incident on 4 September. When a German military commander in Afghanistan ordered the murder of countless innocent civilians, the political elite rushed to defend Germany's role in the country.

However, Die Linke, Germany's left wing party, has positioned itself at the head of the call for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and is a party to be counted on in German politics.

Across Europe new left formations, like the French NPA, are the antidote to the disgusting cocktail of neoliberal and imperialist policies which have dominated the world for too long.

Alys Zaerin